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Re: XP shut down sometimes restarts instead, start up paused on black screen today then continued

Wow – you’ve certainly been through some major replacement parts!


Yes, if not done for a while, cleaning computer internals can make a big difference


When I asked that you post specific Task Manager data values it was to check if any capacity v demand issues


If you want to know more about your Task Manager data values, click here & read ALL this interesting thread

Unfortunately in this particular case it wasn’t a happy ending


Not too familiar with magicJack but guess it’s a VoIP related technology USB device & assume it has a Service file that loads on Windows startup, sounds like you already know that it slows things down


To run hardware diagnostics, if not available from pressing the F12 key during boot loading then you will need to insert the Dell Resource (Drivers & Utility) CD, shutdown & then boot from the CD-ROM drive


Sounds like you are doing very well backing up personal data to external media on a regular basis


Note that Malware infection is a common cause of both performance slowdown & also the Windows shutdown followed by auto restart issue  emoticon.Huh?.title


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