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Dell Dimension 8400 blue screens at Windows XP Pro splash screen.


My DELL Dimension 8400 will not boot past the Windows XP splash screen. I have reformatted the HDD twice with the OEM Reinstall CD. Get the same error both times.

Blue screen, error is; 0x0000007b (HDD is corrupted, unreadable, etc etc).

The HDD is not corrupted, used several forms of checking including; chkdsk, seagate HDD repair/diagnosics. This is a "hand me down" computer, where the previous owner just bought a new XPS.

Everything is sitting securly in their proper locations (RAM, CPU, SATA cables, etc). I only have the mouse, keyboard, and monitor plugged in.

The HDD is recognized in BIOS. I am certain everything is configured correctly in BIOS.

The specs are ask follows;

2-512 and 2-256 RAM Seated in this order:  512 | 256 | 512 | 256
P4 3.0GHZ
Standard Dell MOBO
ATI Radeon Graphics

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