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reinstalling windows xp without DELL install disks

i am trying to help out a family member who has had a catastrophic corruption on my dell dimension 3100

i am tryint o reinstall windows media centre...

the hard disk is split into 2 portions, one for data one for windows (i beleive it should have had a third....but it isnt there now!)

i dont have any original disks as they werent supplied with the pc.

so i am trying to use my copy of windows xp pro and the original licence attached to the dell box.

the install goes fine until it reaches 34 minutes and 'installing devices'

then it just hangs, i have removed all non standard hardware as i thought it might have been that causing it

i have also tried windows xp home, windows xp with sp1, windows xp with sp2, windows media centre

all hang at or around the same point......... there doesnt appear to be anything happening, in fact the cd spins down...

where am i going wrong. ive tried to locate/borrow a dell resource cd but wasnt sure whether the disks are only relevant to the machines they are supplied with (assuming you opt for that when buying)

my next option is to copy data from hard drive to another machine and then start from scratch

any ideas or help would be much appreciated


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