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Re: Blue Screen Error In Microsoft Windows XP On Startup



            You dont have to worry about the Error : IDE Device failed, this error will come while running diagnostics coz there is no media in teh drive and if you insert a Operating System CD in teh drive then it wont give you that error...That means the Hardware is working fine...

          No Stop0x07E error can mean lots of things related to software, As you have already mentioned the you had a Trojan in the Computer which is not Letting you take control of teh computer, then you should try going in safe mode with networking......

        How to go in safe mode :

      Start the computer ----- Press F8 4 - 5 times slowly but continously while you press the power Button  ----   you will get Advance Windows Options, So Select Safe Mode With Networking using teh ARROW KEYS on the Keyboard, then Press Enter, again Press Enter on OS option, GOTO ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT --- 

Then Install and Run Malwarebytes from ::  (Click on Free Version on teh Left) ..

If there are viruses, you will get teh result in malwarebytes, So clean it as there will be options to clean the Viruses in this Applicaiton.....

After doing this, Restart the compuetr in Normal Mode......  If you have Issues again, Reply back..