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Re: Blue Screen Error In Microsoft Windows XP On Startup

in the left pane scroll down to bugcheck 0x7E. Click on that to show the information in the right pane.

If you search the internet for iastor.sys there are many hits about this driver causing BSOD, and some claimed fixes. It is part of the intel chipset drivers. Do you have your hard drives configured in RAID?

As for testing your optical drive, it says you had not inserted a data CD before doing the test. If you want to repeat the test, insert a data CD (not an audio CD) into the drive first.

But I agree that you should first try to get rid of the virus. I hope the safe mode works... If not, since you are posting here I assume that you have acdcess to another computer. You could then try making a BartPE disc

You can add plugins for several antimalware software *e.g. Spybot S&D) from various sources.


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