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Inspiron 530 Dell Vista 32 Bit.....This is a new firmware update on the Dell downloads site.  It has two .EXE files one for windows and the other a dos file.  Both are supposed to be run as far as I can tell. The windows loaded perfectly but the dos kept coming up with a message that the system does not support full screen mode.  So that file would not load further.  Dell does not give very much detail in their download section so I don't know if I have a problem or not.  Has anyone tried this download?  It came out 12/23/2009.  Thanks.

I think both of them are working - there's nothing wrong here, it just the way we prefer to update - we choose one in two ways, by Dos (Using boot disk) or update right away by Windows.

(the system does not support full screen mode = you can only run this program by booting. ex: floppy disk, bootable usb, cd,...)

Conclusion: You don't have any problem. It's normal.

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