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Windows Vista/Inspiron 1520 Factory Restore problem - stuck at 'Other User' Login Screen - Please help!

I wonder if someone can help me as I'm at my wits end!

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 with Windows Vista. I recently ended up with a load of malware and viruses and was only able to remove some of them. I'm still having computer problems so I've backed up everything and want to restore to factory condition.

I've followed the instructions for doing this (F8 -> 'Repair My Computer') but after selecting Repair My Computer I'm taken to a login screen with one user option - 'Other User' and whatever I type in for User Name and Password, it says is incorrect.

I just want to reset everything back to factory condition but I can't get past this!

I'm hoping someone out there will know what to do as I'm completely stuck.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm also posting this in the Virus & Spyware and Laptop forums as I'm not sure exactly what category this problem comes under.

Please help!


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