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Multiply empty folders

I have Windows Home Premuim 7, 64bit which has 26 empty folders listed under username\appdata\local, in the left pane 'folder view'. A couple of examples: {0A8D4E1B-1EBA-4E9B-BD00-D1A574F7CA5E}; {3DB49BE1-3420-4D5D-82D3-8F68A1714FBE}. Dates of creation range from 7/30/2011 to 8/11/2011. This is a new computer with full version 7 which I installed. The folders don't create any problems, but being new to 7, I was curious as to what these folders were for. They appear to me to have a connection to the registry as they look almost identical to registry entries in XP. I would like to know if these are safe to delete?

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