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Re: XPS 8300 Motherboard Upgrade - What OS Problems Will I Have?

If you have never had experience with Windows 2000 how can you KNOW what is true or not? I'm talking from experience and not hearsay! Dell Windows 2000 discs would not install on non Dell motherboards/BIOS. Dell XP and Vista Discs will install on non Dell motherboards and so will Windows 7.

lol ... you say I can't read ... I've never never done anything like this on 2000, but I have seen the issue first-hand on other OS's, which means that the "issue" did not end with 2000 as you said it did.  I have also not said anything about it being "definite" because I've seen mixed results and heard some (but not all) others have had different results ... I was merely giving him a head's up on potential (perhaps I need to define this word) problems he might face.  With mixed results out there, you can't tell him with any more surety that it will work than I can tell him it won't, regardless of which of us ends up being right in his case.  There are better ways to install Vista/7, even in this kind of situation, making the question of whether or not it will work with a Dell DVD pointless; it is the license that is the real issue.

Regardless of whether you or rd feel it is "fair", that is the law in the US (and I would bet in nearly every place - "may be the case in some countries" doesn't mean it is the case anywhere) - and the price you pay for using Microsoft's software (all licensed software has a certain price you pay to use it beyond the sticker price).  If you don't like their terms, there are alternatives out there under whose license you may not feel as tightly bound.  OEM software comes at a substantial discount; with that discount, comes more restrictive usage (transer of license among them).

Captain ... I'm sorry for the direction this thread has taken, and I wish you well in whatever you decide to do.  cmj (and similar users, if not one and the same) are only here to pick fights, and I refuse to be sucked in as so many others have done on other threads, so I will sign off this thread here.  Good luck.

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