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Vostro 430 - Reinstall to factory conditions

Hi, please excuse in advance if my terminology is wrong, the differences between 'rescue, recovery, repair and reinstall' confuses me no end....  Can someone help me with my reformatting issue please? I'd be grateful.

My machine is a Dell Vostro 430 and I have windows 7. I wish to take my computer right back to being as clean as when it first arrived to me (is that called factory conditions?). I have on occasion used the 'restore', to go back to earlier dates, but this time I want the full monty and to bring my machine back clean like it was delivered, so a 'Restore' is not sufficient.

I've saved all my personal data and I'm ready to start the task. However, it's scary, so could someone advise/reassure me on

(1)  I do not have something called Datasafe (at least, I don't think I have it as i cant find it). So... is this what I do.... open up 'Dell Backup and Recovery Manager', click on 'Dell Recovery Tools,' select 'OS or application media backup', yes?  Is that right, or, do I go to Control Panel and use the back up there?  If the latter do I make the 'image' or a repair disc?

(2)  Once I've done the correct method in (1) my requirements are that all the exact stuff that was on there when I bought it, is there once again. For example it has a built in web camera, it has sound, it has a graphics card, it has various small applications, it has drivers for everything, and so on. There's no way I could put all that lot back myself after reformatting (is there?) so I'm hoping the method advised to me in (1) meets all those requirments, and puts it all back for me, like the day it arrived.

I'd really appreciate some advice. (I apologise for my poor description. I can't think right this minute as my head is done in with all this... sorry.) Thank you.


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