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Re: "My Dell" Program

Hello DELL-Sujatha K,

I found that program before I posted my question. The problem is when I launched it, it was looking for "an update" and then it said 'No update is available" and the option I have is "exit".

I have deleted the previous "My Dell" folder and I don't know why Dell thought I still have that program. I searched my laptop and there's nothing under "My Dell".

So what do I do next?

Thank you for any suggestions and/or comments.

FYI, The reason I want this program is because my Inspiron 6400 was overheated a couple days ago and somehow, I lost my LAN connection and my Ethernet Controller no longer works. I have uninstall it, reinstall it, update the driver, reinstall the driver (from Dell site). Nothing worked.

So I want to use this program to check if I have a hardware issue or not.

Thank you.

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