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Ntbtlog shows a lot of "did not load driver" message - erratic boot time - Windows 7 - L502X - XPS 15


I changed recently my HDD to SSD Samsung 850 EVO.
I reinstalled new Windows copy and all drivers from Dell website (starting by Chipset).
90% of time boot is takes 40sec but 10% of time it takes 2min.
I checked ntbtlog, and saw a lot of occurence of errors,

Did not load driver @nettun.inf,%isatap.displayname%;Microsoft ISATAP Adapter

Did not load driver @battery.inf,%*compbatt.devicedesc%;Microsoft Composite Battery

Did not load driver @netrasa.inf,%mp-pptp-dispname%;WAN Miniport (PPTP)

And many more,

What this could be,

Any suggestions ?

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