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RE: Blue screen problem caused my pc to shut down unexpectedly!

Explain why you were installing new drivers and maybe someone can help with the original problem.

It is important to always say your model computer as well as the operating system when posting here. If you have a laptop, drivers are customized by Dell for your exact model and you should not install drivers from any other source.

Sure, sorry about that, the blue screen came up one time for now and I haven't experienced another blue screen yet but when Windows starts, I hear a sound that shouldn't be their and this happened after I installed the audio and network drivers; I want to correct this problem right away to prevent future problems with other drivers. My computer boots to windows fine but I have noticed some other problems going on which could be related to the blue screen issue; Windows 7 action center's reliability-report-monitor reports that internet explorer or explorer.exe is not responding quite often, almost every other day. 

Don't forget, the system info file and dmp.file I provided in my previous message through a Onedrive link should be of help with some questions and I hope these files will help resolve my blue screen issue as well. My pc is a Dell 518 Inspiron which is designed to run OEM Vista, however I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro and the main reason that I installed the updated Realtek drivers is because Dell doesn't offer drivers for my System that are compatible with Windows 7, being that my PC came out around 2007. Windows 7 Pro is using old windows default drivers, 2006, 07, etc for all my hardware and I don't want old drivers; I plan on extending the life of my pc so I would like to keep my drivers updated, that's why I updated the audio and network drivers; I went to the OEM website, Realtek for my audio and network card and downloaded 2015 drivers from their website thinking everything would be fine. If these drivers are causing blue screen errors, is their a way to keep these drivers and resolve the blue screen issue? If not, that's fine, I just want my system to run a little while longer, especially since I plan on adding a better graphics card in the future.

If someone can help me with blue screen problems, I would appreciate the assistance. Thank you very much.

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