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Inspiron 15 5100 - I am having trouble instaling Win 7 on my new machine because of missing drivers.

I have just bought a new Inspiron 15 5100 with running Ubuntu with the plan of installing Win 7 which I have a DVD for.

I found that my new machine has no DVD drive so I made a USB with the Win 7 .iso

I have wiped the hard drive, created new partition, fixed MBR and am getting to a point in the Win 7 installation process where it is asking me for missing device drivers. I have downloaded all drivers on for my machine and put on another USB stick but I cannot browse to them during the installation process. So I don't even know if I have the required drivers or not.

Can anyone help please? I'm sure someone else has successfully installed Win 7 over an Ubuntu installation. If so please let me know if you had similar problems and how you got past them.

Please help if you have. Thank you.

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