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RE: Workaround for Dell Venue Pro 11 5130 resume from sleep issue and wireless flakiness

Provided that there is an understanding of what a TPM is and does, the Venue 11 Pro 5130 actually has 2 TPMs; the discrete TPM chip which shows manufactured by Atmel in TPM.MSC and Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) which is a firmware-based TPM that shows manufactured by INTC in TPM.MSC.

BitLocker doesn't work so well with the discrete TPM chip on the Venue 11 Pro 5130 so it's best to use Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) which it sounds like yours is. As long as the TPM is off and BitLocker is using PTT, I wouldn't suspect this or BitLocker as the issue. In fact, connected Standby will only function if PTT is enabled and TPM is off in the BIOS.

If you continue to have issues, the two best steps would be to install all Windows updates to include the Windows 8.1 spring update which has numerous fixes and enhancements for tablets and all current Dell Drivers available from the Dell Support Site.

ü    Intel Z3700 series chipset Driver 603.9600.2067.27988, A06
ü    Intel Trusted Execution Engine Version, A00
ü    BIOS Version A07 (A08 will be released in a few weeks, check back and update later)
ü    Panel Touch Firmware, A01

Should you continue to have issues after that and software may be ruled out, it could be best to engage the Dell Technical Support team for additional assistance.

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