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Re: Dell Venue Pro crashing

I setup the exchange and have yet to receive any confirmation in regards to a replacement unit, and I am starting to wonder if the replacement(s) will have the same issues. What I would really like to know is if the Dell Venue Pro is supposed to have the 256 Megs of Ram it has, or if it was supposed to be 512. The limited amount of memory might account for some of the issues, and i'm certain it's the reason why some of the live tiles on my home screen show up as blank boxes over time.

Last night the phone just crashed as I was looking at contacts, and I was doing nothing on the Marketplace. It just displayed my home screen and it was locked frozen, so I had to take out the battery, again...

On the plus side; I really love the screen quality of this phone compared to the HD7 I had (Xbox Live games look better!). If they could just get the crashing issues nailed down and increase the Ram it would really be the perfect phone, but at this point I think that might be a tall order...

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