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RE: How to Disable BIOS Password on Venue 8 7840?

1. Press the Volume down + power button to boot into droidboot mode. (you would see the Dell Logo and then the Droidboot screen)."

2. Use Volume down to select the third option and press power button to boot into recovery mode."

3. In recovery mode, press the Power button + Volume up to display recovery mode menu. (NO Command has been removed in latest Droidboot 9.67)"

4. In recovery mode use Volume down to select the wipe data/factory reset option and press power button."

5. After Reset has been completed use Volume button to select reboot system now option and press power button to reboot system top option."

The bootloader is only unlocked to the point that it supports unsigned kernel images (boot, recovery, fastboot, etc.) The stage-one bootloader in the firmware is still locked so it would be difficult to get grub2 or the windows bootloader installed.

Been combing through the Intel Board Support Packages and have determined that there are two bios classes of Intel MID (mobile internet devices) iafw/osii and iafw / uefi .

The iafw / uefi would be easier to boot an alternative os on 

The iafw / osii looks to be next to impossible to boot anything other than android on

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