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Venue 8 7840 Charging Issues

I purchased my Dell Venue 8 7840 this past March.  Great tablet, but after 6 months of normal use, it became more and more difficult to charge.  For example, after plugging it in and leaving it on my nightstand, if I picked up the tablet to check the charge level it would stop charging - I would have to unplug and replug it in to get it going again.  This week, it stopped charging at all - I can plug it in and nothing happens.  Now, though, when I pull the plug out, it feels like something is loose inside and being pulled slightly by the plug as I pull it out.

I called customer service and explained my issue.  I was told that a loose charging port is "user inflicted damage" and thus not covered by warranty, and that I'd have to call another number on Monday to speak to someone about paying for an "out of warranty" repair.

I don't understand how a charging port that breaks after 6 months of normal charging (and considering I only need to charge 2-3 times a week, that's what...100 charges or so?) isn't covered under the hardware warranty.  I've had 4 smart phones, and 5 tablets (not counting my wife's) and have never had a charging port break like this.

I'm not sure if anyone on this message board has any advice.  I'm really frustrated.