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RE: Venue 8 7840 Charging Issues

Dell has had such issue with this tablet's charging/data port, I imagine that the warranty support staff is trying to do whatever it can to avoid claims.  Yes, it's a user issue if the port's pins have been jammed down by someone trying to push in a plug the wrong way; but no, if this otherwise is a parts issue.  And how could the warranty people even know without looking at the device?

As noted above, unless this was a user-error issue, you're covered by warranty and should pursue, forcibly.  The next call, ask nicely, and forcibly, to have the issue escalated to the supervisor.  That typically fixes these front-line-person issues for me.

And no, a charging port breaking down of its own accord in under 6 months is not "normal wear-and-tear."  So Dell is making tablets, now, that need to be replaced in 6 months?  Right.

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