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RE: Venue 8 7840 Charging Issues

Wow, that's so interesting!

Of course, reading those other accounts made me second-guess myself.  So, before taping up the package to mail to Dell, I double checked the charging port.  I didn't remember ever being confused as to which way to insert the plug and, sure enough, the port sure looks to me like a typical trapezoidal port just the same on my other devices.  I even held up my charging cord to see if it had room to fit backwards, and the wide part of the cord jack was too wide to go past the metal edge of the port.  There was no way to insert it backwards if I even tried.  Perhaps mine was manufactured at later date with a different port?

In any case, the pin inside is not bent at all, so hopefully Dell will easily see that this is not user damage and fix it up for me without further problem.

Thanks again for the info, and I'll let you know how it turns out!

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