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Dell VenuePro 8 Tablet - stuck at welcome screen

Dell venue pro 8 tablet

Windows 10  OS

It's about 2 years old. And it was working fine (except for the poor wifi reception). But 3 days ago I noticed the battery runs out of charge overnight, on sleep mode. Noticed it three nights in a row and checked the web for solution. Many said the drivers maybe old and in need of updating.

After updating some drivers that were old, it asked for reboot. So I did.

But now, it is stuck at welcome screen (where only the date and time and the wifi icon) are shown.

It doesn't recognize swipes. Either at the center of edges or corners.

It is also stuck in the vertical mode and does not rotate to landscape mode.

So now because it doesn't  recognize touch, I can't get into the system to do anything.

***, I'm ready for a factory reset even. But without getting inside, I don't know how

Please help

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