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RE: Dell VenuePro 8 Tablet - stuck at welcome screen

A few minutes later, after giving up. I try to disconnect the charging cable and catch my flight.

As soon as I pull out the cable, the blue screen with country, language, ... comes on.

But still unresponsive to touch.

After a few seconds, the dark grey screen comes back.

I put the cable in and he blue comes on. Only for some.seconds before the dArk grey appears again (I guess the dark grey must be the screen associated with fading battery  as the light next to the charging port turns orange, indicating low charge)

While the blue screen is on (for those few seconds), I try the windows button, volume up and down, ... . But nothing happens. Again the dark grey screen.

Very weird!

So now I press the power button for 10 sec. And it shuts off.

Then I press power again. Dell logo. Followed by the blue (Hi there. Let's. ....) comes on. But still unresponsive to touch!!!

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