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Re: Streak Froyo OTA Update for O2 Customers

Hi Amy (and 02 peeps)

I updated the 2.2. last night and it works great, a little bit of tweaking, but thats to be expected I guess.

So was really happy with the new elements in the update. However my battery died overnight - it just needed charging - when I plugged the Streak into power and attempted to turn it on the phone will not go past the "DELL" start up screen, for some reason it isn't connecting beyond that.


I've checked the sim (placed that in another phone to see if it wasn't working or not. It is fine.

Checked the SD card in my sd card reader - that is fine.

I can only suspect there has been a fault in the operating system upload that locks the phone at start up. 

Any suggestions on how I can get the streak beyond this start up screen, is there a a reset button on combination I can process?

I really need answers on this, I need phone for work and ill parent purposes. A speedy response would be appriciated.



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