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Re: Streak Froyo OTA Update for O2 Customers

this all (points at forum posts relating to 2.2 OTA update) looks almost as wonderful* on dell's part as the 2.1 update a few months ago.

you may recall my exercised posts a few months ago, & my return to 1.6.

the instructions are excellent*- I must've been round the "backup/restore" loop a dozen times before pinching the screen down small enough to find the "proceed to update" link. if you're designing & deploying a software update to a mobile device, try the deployment out on an actual device & have a think about the GUI design.

basic stuff, this.

the backup/restore s/w comes with caveats which are skilfully hidden behind the info button.... you will lose any photos you took on the phone, along with some other stuff... music you've downloaded, possibly even paid for.

the old dell pc sync software won't work. I installed the nero- doesn't recognise my 1.6 streak. some posters here have had issues* getting their contacts into & back out of outlook. this is looking very good*.

then there are things like the inverted display, the non-wifi data connectivity.... I see from other posts, but not from dell, that these things may be fixable with a bit of patience & a factory reset. where does it say that in your instructions, amy?

& of course, my own personal favourite, as older readers will know- we get flash playback, which apple have almost certainly done for anyway, but we will miss the photo editor. also the "rooms", which I personally liked to keep populated with themed shortcuts- business, pleasure, contacts, music apps, photo apps.... & we have instead this enormous strip of one picture.

why aren't these changes described somewhere? why are dell playing "catch-up" with this update instead of using the 2.2 o/s to introduce something wow-some instead of just taking things away?

I'm not even going to try 2.2 on my streak. in fact, I may write to O2 & ask them to change it for something else. I like the big screen, but frankly the support & updates from dell are just awesome*.


(*please replace these words with the genuine articles when you read this. I'm trying to discern the workings of the dell filtration on this forum)

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