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Re: Streak Froyo OTA Update for O2 Customers

Hey everyone!

I have a rooted Dell Streak (bought from Rogers) which is unlocked to Telus.  It had 2.1 Eclair on it today, and when I rooted it, I guess it changed the baseband to O2's firmware (as the startup screen shows the O2 water logo).

Anyways, I tried the download link from a couple days ago, and I got the FOTA Name Mismatch error.  I gave up and continued to use the 2.1 update, as it was sufficient, but really wanted to try Froyo.

So, I tried the link Amy posted in the beginning of the post.  It worked!  Froyo is now on my rooted, Rogers, unlocked to Telus, Dell Streak!! It's running 2.2 and it is miles ahead of any of the previous updates that the Streak used.  It's fantastic!!

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