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Re: Broken screen - what can I do?

Dell are well aware of the design flaws.

I presented them with a whole list of them and on the 08/11/2010 they had a meeting with the design team and these problems were all discussed.  Sadly they have not had the decency to let me know the conclusion to the meeting. But I will endeavor to find out and post it here for everyone.

Maybe Dell will be prepared to make a statement to its users about the Streak problems.

Amy (Forum Admin) is well aware of me dealings with Dell and the Exec Office, maybe she can shed some light on what they have decided?

As I have said before if you are unhappy waiting for Dell to do something, take it to your Trading Standards Office, Clearly your device is flawed and not fit for the purpose it was designed for (inherent faults are not effected by warranty so its no exscuse for Dell to deny responsibility)

Happy Hunting!:emotion-2:

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