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RE: Dual U2515H, D1000 Docking Station, Cables?

Sorry, "jonesing" in on a thread I thought my be relevant to my problem...

I have an HP LP3065 monitor that can do 2560x1600; I have an XPS 15 and D1000 that I'd like to use to drive that monitor.  The D1000 specs say it can do 2560x1600.  I'm using a displayport adapter to dual DVI cable to the monitor.

Windows "sees" the external monitor (looking in the system tray, selecting "video" from the D1000 item in the tray), but it can't detect all the information about it, and all I get on the monitor is a blinking light.

I fear my actual problem is that the displayport connector must not be supporting dual DVI.

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