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Dell stonewalls in providing in-warranty support

My 8 month old U2515H monitor front panel controls don't work. Can't turn the monitor off. Can't access the on screen menus.  I called support and was asked for proof of purchase. That's easy. I sent a copy of the invoice. I purchased the monitor from Amazon of course. Got to love Prime shipping. 

I was told that the invoice only has my order number on it. To get service I need the original order number that Amazon used to order the monitor from Dell.  

That's pretty silly. I thought the support person was kidding. She is not. 

So, now I sit here with a monitor that is on but can't be turned off without pulling the plug. That's an interesting way to manage returns.

Hey, what if every manufacturer insisted on a similar scam? Let's play it out using a new car. 

O.K., so you bought this shiny new car. A brand new Lexus (fill in your fav brand). You love the car. It runs great.
Sadly, after about 6 months the air conditioner won't turn off. The car still drives, so you figure you’ll take care of it during the normal service period.
That day finally comes and you take the car in and mention that the a/c won’t turn off. The Lexus dealer takes the car and has a look. 
She comes back to you and asks for proof of purchase. You think that is a bit strange but you provide proof of purchase. 
The dealer sees that you purchased the car from CarMax and not the directly from Lexus. 
The dealer then asks to see the order number for the car. You point out that it is on the invoice you have. But the dealer explains that she needs the order number CarMax used to buy the car from Lexus. Until you have that there is nothing they can do. 
Would you think that to be a bit strange? Would you think that you were being punished for not purchasing the car from Dell .. I mean Lexus? 
I looked on Amazon’s site. There is no way I can get Amazon’s own order number for the monitor. There is no reason I should have to either. 
My order number, invoice and serial number should suffice. 
Why is Dell forcing me to dislike them so much? 
On the plus side... the monitor is still on. 
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