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U3417W, MacBook Pro 2017, Touch Bar, compatibility issues

Just bought this great U3417W and am going crazy trying to get it to work with my MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar running Apple OS High Sierra. I was assured by at least ten by Dell salesperson that the U3417W would work with my Apple. I am using a USB hub connected to my C port - the one that also charges - and using the HDMI cable to the U3417W. Many issues to even get the connection and even more to get the clamshell option to work so I can close my laptop and use a wireless Apple Magic Mouse and the Logitech wireless keyboard. Have mirror display set on the arrangement. Sometimes it works. Other times the screen on the U3417W shakes back and forth and I disconnect the cable and start over. Help. When I bought and assured it works, nothing said about "sometimes" and ready to send it back.

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