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RE: Dell S2415H 24" Monitor Built In Speakers Not Working

The S2415H is a  Stereo two channel (L/R) output only. When using the S2415H built-in 3w speakers, a 4 or higher channel audio setup will not work. So the first thing to do is make sure that the PC audio is set to Stereo.

* Press the S2415H Menu button to open the OSD (On Screen Display)
* Go to Audio
* Go to Audio Source and choose HDMI (MHL)
* Set the volume to 50
* Exit the S2415H OSD
* Open the computer audio Sound Playback and click the DELL S2415H HDMI as the default playback device. This places a green check on the S2415H HDMI listing. See my example below =

* Start playing music and change the volume through Windows, not through the S2415H volume control

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