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U2312HM, Lenovo, Windows 10 update caused issue


After some Win10 updates my Dell monitor stop works as 2nd Display with laptop Lenovo Yoga.

i tried different drivers for Intel HD 520 videocard, i asked help from MS support, but they think that issue with anything except windows Smiley Happy

so, laptop connected to Monitor via microHDMI-HDMI cable and HDMI-DVi adapter.

this connection works about 1.5years and then stopped.

all same hardware works fine under Ubuntu.

MS asking to have technical report from Dell to continue investigation.

I really tired to hear from MS support that everybody guilt except their OS.

Already tried different Video drivers ( from Intel and from Lenovo)

Tried switching on/off secondary nVidia card and SafeMode

Manually install Win8 drivers from

I have 2 laptops Lenovo Yoga 700-14 with the same monitors and the same issue.

so, question: can someone help me to resolve the issue?

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