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Re: U2717D, Nvidia FX 5800, HDMI signal not detected


Started a new thread. Glad that you figured it out. To help other U2717D owners...

The U2717D shipped with a DP to mDP cable. So you could have setup like this =
Nvidia FX 5800 DP out port --> U2717D DP to mDP cable --> U2717D mDP in port

DVI at (Video Card) to HDMI at (monitor) I got the the error HDMI signal not detected
* Normal. You would need some active converter. Not a straight cable. The straight cables are one direction only Video card HDMI out port --> HDMI to DVI cable --> Monitor DVI in port
But I cannot find a DVI to HDMI active converter to get the required U2717D 2560x1440 60Hz

DVI at (Video Card) to DP at (monitor) I got the the error DP signal not detected
DVI at (Video Card) to mDP at (monitor) I got the the error mDP signal not detected
* Normal. A video card DVI cannot upconvert to a monitor DP or mDP port via straight cabling. You would have to purchase an active converter =

Nvidia FX 5800 DVI out port --> DVI to mDP converter --> U2717D mDP to DP cable --> U2717D DP in port

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