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U2413 Calibration DisplayCal/ArgyllCMS MacOS


I have searched this community extensively and I must first of all say thank you to @yumichan for his incredible support throughout this forum. Clearly someone who knows what they are talking about. I just have a few questions related to comments made in past posts.

The first one from 2015 

"Apple is not a good choice for image or photo: OS limitations (no 10bit), plus hardware limitations (nvidia or intel GPUs), plus limited vendor support (dell)"

Is this still true @yumichan? How does Apple, specifically with OSX and Nividea graphics cards go about calibrating their own wide gamut displays? Is it an issue. e.g. How should I calibrate my MacBook's retina display? 

The second one is from the same thread in 2015

"Use NEC PA242W or Eizo CS240, you'll get LUT3D calibration capabilities under macOS".

Are we really this limited under macOS? How can I choose a display that can be calibrated properly under macOS? What the the technical specifications I should take care of? 

I am using the DispcalGUI/ArgyllCMS X-Rite i1Display Pro combination now, after following advice on here. I used a windows machine (7) to create my new ICM profile for the displays 3DLUT, which I applied and copied from the windows system to my mac system. (windows machine attached over DisplayPort. Mac attached over mini DisplayPort). I understand I need to manually copy (i.e. physically via the screen menu) over the Luminance and contrast settings after I make the switch from windows to mac. 

In DCCS, I have the option to calibrate CAL1/CAL2. The program allows me to choose the RGB primaries. How do I find (measure) the values for custom 2.2 Gamma instead. (since: sRGB gamma is not the same as "2.2 Gamma" as it is more for "entertainment", according to a comment from @yumichan).

For info: I am interested specifically in the sRGB range for photo editing. Does this mean I could calibrate in sRGB, or should I calibrate with wider RGB range, and then work (Lr, PS) in an sRGB environment. 

Here's a link to my measurement report

HTML Measurement Report

I would really appreciate some help/feedback here. There's so much to learn. 

Cheers in advance, 


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