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U3818DW, PBP, force HDMI 1/2 input to left/right half of display

Hi, got a nice new (U3818DW) Monitor and wanted to finalize my setup - but I'm struggling a bit with my picture-by-picture (PBP) setup I sometimes use. I want the (HDMI) inputs to be forced to either right or left side of the display. Like:

Desktop 1 ---> via HDMI 1 input ----> forced to the left side of the display in PBP mode
Notebook 1 ---> via HDMI 2 input ----> forced to the right side of the display in PBP mode

What I see is, depending on the "startup/initializing phase" of the clients, that the left side of the PBP mode is somewhat preferred and is the first half that's going to be populated/displayed. Getting it populated right is a lot of on/off struggling - not what I want. Is there any way I am able to force the inputs to either side of the display? Or is there a quick way to switch sides?

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