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S2417DG loses settings, flashes RGB in sleep mode


I have had my S2417DG monitor for several months now, and I have had no problems with it. However yesterday when I got home from work I noticed that while it was in sleep mode it was flashing different colors on the screen. Additionally now when the button next to the power button is pressed a strange menu pops up with different settings in check boxes. When I went to the normal monitor settings I noticed they were reset and I went to change them back to what I had before with the monitor running at 165hz and the color scheme in RPG mode, however the setting for my refresh rate would not change and when I reset my PC to try and see if it fixed it all of my settings all of them were reset. I have not done anything but change settings on this monitor, i have not taken it apart or done anything that would make it do this. It just happened on its own. I have updated it, updated all of my drivers and nothing seems to fix it. What should I do?

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