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U3818DW, Please publish the VCP/MCCS codes

Dear readers (hopefully the Dell team :-)

there is now a GUI tool available (ddccontrol)  to change the basic display settings for brightness, contrast, PBP/PIP and input sources for the U3818DW:

Please publish all VCP codes of the VESA MCCS standard that this monitor is supporting via DDC/CI (esp. the manufacturer-specific VCP codes ranging from 0xE0 to 0xFF.

This helps the Linux community to fully support the Dell display settings and opens new sales opportunities to Linux users for Dell!

If you cannot publish the full list of codes please publish at least these codes:

  • PIP/PBP > Audio (Main or Sub)
  • Speaker enable/disable
  • Video swap (with active PIP/PBP mode)
  • PIP location
  • Contrast (Sub) - with active PIP/PBP mode)
  • Response time (Normal or High)


Thanks Dell for supporting the Linux community :-)


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