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P4317Q, How OS agnostic is it?

Currently I have a dual-monitor set-up on a Ubuntu Linux PC and next to it, another dual-monitor set-up on a FreeBSD PC - that's four 20" monitors in a row and I use a Lindy KM switch to switch my keyboard & mouse between the two PCs. It works OK but these are 1600x1200 screens and I would like to get more onto them (I'm a sys admin with lots of xterms, etc open on all screens) so I was looking at the P4317Q as a possible solution instead of buying four 24" or 27" screens.

Most of the time I would be using the 4 PBP mode so is this likely to run into O/S support issues?

Secondly it might be an advantage if I could resize the individual pictures or move them around; I realise DDM isn't available for Linux (never mind FreeBSD) but can I do all these things on the command line via the RS232 serial interface?


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