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2408WFP blackouts out briefly

Had an 2408wfp, firmware A01, for about 3 weeks now. Every once in awhile it blacks out for a second before the picture comes back. When it comes back up I get the little DVI icon in the upper left of the screen as if the signal was briefly interrupted. It doesn't happen often, once every few days, but this morning it did it 4 times in about 10 seconds.

I have reconnected the DVI cable, and after this mornings problems I switched to the other DVI port on my video card. Since I can't recreate the problem I don't know if that fixed it or not. Since it doesn't happen often, troublshooting is very difficult.

This problem did not happen on my old monitor. I do not have another DVI cable to try. I am running Vista 32, monitor hooked up to DVI. Latest drivers installed on my EVGA 8800GTS (happened with older drivers too), and using Dells driver for the 2408wfp. I don't think the video card is the problem because Vista gives an error message if the video card isnt sending a signal.

Thank you for any help.

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