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New 2408wfp Power Save Mode problem..

Just received a brand new monitor, rev 02. Immediately ran into the power save mode issue - the monitor doesn't want to wake up. 

I am using an Dell XPS 400, with ATI x600 graphics adapter on Windows Media Center Edition. 

After searching the community, I was able to get the problem to disappear by upgrading my Catalyst Control Center to version 8.6 and unchecking the DVI related options. I tried version 9.3.1 as well, but that caused power save issues to return. Ofcourse, I don't know if I'm missing any display goodness by not using the latest driver. 

I guess at this point, I can just assume that this is the best it can get, or think about returning it in the hope of buying the new u2410. I saw Chris in support discuss the use of a new DVI cable, has that worked for anyone?

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