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Re: U2410 Green/Pink Failure Analysis

Light levels without color tint - No color tint introduced at lower light levels.

Uniform color over the entire screen - No distortion of colors.

Just looked up TCO'03 myself, out of curiosity, and it doesn't say any such thing. What it actually says is:

"Δu'v' = 0.01 for the maximum colour deviation between measured active areas on the screen that are intended to maintain the same colour."

"For an FPD in landscape mode, the Δu'v' between areas on the left side and the right sideof the screen when it is positioned at +30° and at -30° horizontally to the screen normal shall be = 0.025."

"The greyscale steps to be used are 255, 225, 195, 165, 135 and 105, and each should be measured in the centre of the screen. The maximum difference in either u'or v' identifies those steps where Δu'v' should be calculated. The Δu'v' shall be = 0.02."

In other words, color variation is allowed, but must be within a certain range, which is greater when viewed off-angle at the screen edges, and allowed to vary still further when luminance varies. Incidentally, the luminance test isn't even performed anywhere except at the center of the display. And to claim compliance, Dell has to have submitted a test report performed by a TCO-authorized testing laboratory. In other words, a test lab somewhere has stated that the display meets this test.

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