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Re: ST2310 and VESA Mounts

I just received this monitor:  ST2310 along with a new PC from Dell.  While the monitor is lovely, I was also very disappointed to discover the issue discussed in this thread.  I purchased a special dual-monitor mounting mechanism (a couple of weeks before) expecting to be able to mount this new monitor in portrait mode, along with a budget ACER monitor I already had.  The Acer monitor has VESA mount holes and fits on the mount perfectly.  The Dell, obviously, does not.

This is ultimate silliness in my book.  Who made the decision to make this monitor so inflexible, and do they still work at Dell?

Has anyone ventured far enough to, warranty-be-, take the white plastic back off of the monitor?  It doesn't look to come off easily, even with the 5 obvious screws removed.  I stopped there, not wanting to break anything.  Are the necessary holes underneath this white, wasteful piece of plastic?  I'd hate to get it off only to discover the holes aren't there anyway.

Option #2 is to buy a DIFFERENT monitor that actually supports industry standard mounting.  And to make sure I never buy another Dell system sight-unseen again.


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