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Re: U2711 OSD Locked Out

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the guidance.

Have tried but all other buttons are of no response and button (5) when touched, a "LOCK" icon still shows on the screen.

The floating dialog box warning "DISPLAY PORT CABLE" still jumps around the screen.

However, I tried again holding button (4) and (5) for 15 seconds or so... and voila the touch button response returned and the OSD came alive.... whew...

OSD is unlocked now and input source select working...

There is a condition which may have caused this :

I am using Dell U2711 and U2411 side by side.

Dell U2411 is located on the right, which is jsut next to the U2711 touch-senstive buttons. So each time I observed that button (5) of U2711 is frequently lighted which indicates that its being "touched" by something. After awhile, the OSD of U2711 became locked... Smiley Sad


guess i have to move the U2411 a little further away from U2711...

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