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Re: U2713H Card Reader Not Working.

I knew if I called Dell Tech Support (USA) too soon, they wouldn't know what I was talking about. So I waited until today. Today was too soon. I think any day would be too soon.

Chris, I read your post word-for-word. She had no idea what I was talking about. I offered to email them the link to your post. She said she couldn't receive emails. Plus, she didn't want it "because it was off a forum, and you probably don't work for Dell."

She made me go through a "troubleshooting procedure," so I could tell her the same thing again. So far I have fifty minutes on this phone call and on hold again.

I just read her the 90-character http address of this page and am holding again while she checks "additional resources." Over a hour phone call so far.

She's refusing a new monitor exchange because I've had it over thirty days. I explained (again!!!) that wouldn't do any good. She starts to read me the thirty day-policy. I just asked for a supervisor. Call time 1:15.

Didn't get a supervisor. She said she could request from another department to have a new monitor sent, but she couldn't guarantee it. I asked, "So you're going to send me a monitor, and it could be refurbished or new? "Yes" was the answer. And if I wasn't willing to accept the chance of getting refurbished monitor, she would have to stop processing the request.

She also said it wasn't a known defect. If it was, none of the USB ports would be working.

Chris, is the U2713H card reader/USB 3 defect ya'lls little secret in Austin? Now what should I do?

1:25 total call time with no resolution. Embarrassingly bad.

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