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Re: u2413 Is there any way to turn off RTC?

Hi adobepro,

I wanted upgarde from U2410. But U2413 have this bad overdrive. U2410 have some minor ovedrive problems too... ( I think that too high ovedrive this is specialty of all Dells monitors) but U2410 have only bad some  transitions from dark to light shades. Transitions from light to darker shades are ok...

U2413 have high oveshoots in  transitions from dark to light shades but adds  very ugly undershoots on  transitions from light  to little darker shades... this produce very ugly anomalies on light scenes.:emotion-6:

And the worst thing is that there is no possibility to disable it (there is no option in OSD menu for overdrive ON/OFF). So my advice to you is:  Cancel the order. if you don't like inverse ghosting (maybe Dell making monitors for inverse ghosting fans:emotion-2:).

EDIT: This monitor (like U2713h and U3014) is good only for static pictures with possibility to produce accurate colors (photo editing). On the other hand, moving content on this monitor is very bad (games, movies, animations).

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