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Re: u2413 Is there any way to turn off RTC?

Thanks for your reply nokey -- I think I may have found a crude "solution". On my Dell S2740L -- I set the brightness to 100% and set the contrast to an acceptable 40%. When I scroll webpages, the inverse ghosting is not too bad -- it's just slight fast blur. Originally, webpages and skyrim were REALLY bad. I'm wondering if it also has to do with PWM when you set the brightness lower than 100%? I'm going to let the order go through and fiddle with it to see if I can manage with it -- worst case, I have free return shipping. I might try softmccs and see if I can do anything with that to turn off overdrive. Thanks again for your reply and comments -- completely agree....such a shame. It really makes me wonder if anyone in Dell actually sits down and uses the monitor rather than just staring at a static image to see how the monitor performs before going into contract to sell these units with the Dell brand name. As for the U2410 -- I couldn't stand it! I used it twice for about 10 minutes, waited a week to give it one more shot, and yes, that monitor was THAT bad. Horrible tinting and horrible AG coating. They fixed that, and now have this. Wow. Doesn't Dell have anyone in the company that can see what's going on? There are problems, and unless Dell is aware and they just don't care, esp. with who's buying who (going from public to privately owned company), just sell, sell, sell under the UltraSharp brand that had a great reputation to keep shareholders happy, and/or there really is no more quality control and no one cares.

Apathy at it's finest!

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