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RE: U3014 Rev A03 OUT?

No offense taken, but look at the first post, this thread is not about A03 being available new in retail, it's about if it's available anywhere. The original post author was trying to do an exchange just like I tried to do the exchange for an A03 but received the same A02 model. I know Chris M has mentioned it being available through the customer center, but it hasn't been available for me at least until yesterday. I have been trying to exchange my A02 model for an A03 model for over a month now.

That said, you know there was another thread where Chris M already said, that at the Dell store you should be able to get a new A03 around the end of October. If you want to get it from elsewhere you are going to have to wait a long time for it to filter through to retail, I would guess if your lucky by end of December or early next year, and even then it'll be a mix batch so you'll have to be careful at what they give you.

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