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Re: Fuzzy text on 1901 FP

This is the second 1901FP I have had. The first was DOA. I have it attached to DVI. Tech support told me to use the analog cable only and said the DVI gives an inferior picture! I paid for a video card that supports DVI and then Dell tech support tells me not to use what I paid for! My video card is the Nvidia GeForce FX5200.

I called tech support again because after I switched from analog to DVI, against the instructions of the first Dell tech, I noticed flickering and wobbling when using auto scroll which I use all the time and can''t do without. This tech told me I needed new drivers for the video card and that would solve the problem. Well, I went to NVidia's site and got the update. Still have the problem. I now think this is an XP problem because when I hooked up the Trinitron to the XP box, it does the same thing. I never, ever saw any flicker or wobble on W98SE when using auto scroll. If I scroll VERY slowly....too slowly...then the problem goes away. I could scroll at medium or fast in W98SE and never had the problem.

As for the clear type enabling, thank you for reminding me about this. I had read about it on the forums at DSLreports but didn't have XP then and forgot about it. I will try that and will try your other suggestions. Something that just boggles my mind is that Dell sent no manual for the monitor! I don't want an online manual. If Dell can't be bothered to give me a real manual for this top of the line monitor then I don't want the monitor. I have complained loudly about the lack of any sort of manual that is written to sales, customer service, and tech support. When I switched from analog to DVI and I got this weird looking screen, I had no idea what to do because I had no manual and since I could not get out of that weird screen I could not go look at any on line manual! I had to call tech support and waited for over two hours. This was after waiting for 30 minutes only to get disconnected and then I got disconnected again after about 10 minutes. It was only on the third try after an extremely long wait that I got a tech. I would never have bought this monitor if I knew Dell cared so little about it's customers that it would not send a written manual for the monitor.

I had to stumble about trying to figure out how to use the three buttons. Just terrible on Dell's part. I am very angry at Dell. I had speakers that didn't work and multiple CPU failure on a brand new expensive 8300. That is in addition to the first monitor being DOA.
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