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Re: Fuzzy text on 1901 FP

Well, I tried clear type and it hasn't helped much. Clear type did make the faint black text a darker black but that is all it did. On the Trinitron the clear type made that text better which it didn't need to be, still there was a clear difference on the Trinitron and none on the LCD. It is still not very readable. The text is wobbly and blurry. That is what is driving me nuts. The text, for instance, on the splash page for Outlook Express under Tip of the Day is almost unreadable and clear type had no effect on how it displays. I see a lot of places where clear type has no effect.

One thing clear type did fix was it made IE usable as now even at medium text size, it is readable but not like on the Trinitron.. I thought it ironic that I could not install clear type using Firebird which is the browser I use most of the time.

I tried all the other suggestions also. I still see white behind letters such as what is on the buttons below "submit post", etc.. Is that called ghosts? I still don't understand why anyone would buy an LCD monitor if they are all like this one! There is just no comparison in the quality of this monitor and that of my OLD Trinitron!

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