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RE: Has anyone received a *new* 3014 Rev03 yet?

>How's the monitor? Is it perfect expect corner backlight bleed? How bad is the bleed?

Rev03 has solved the dreaded H line problem! 

Yes there is backlight bleed from 3 of the corners on my monitor. DELL-Chris has already pointed out that this is to Dell's design specification, so this problem won't go away for the life of the 3014. Why they thought this was acceptable is beyond me. 

The backlight bleed is irritating when watching a movie in full screen as it washes the black bars for left/right bottom corners and top left side only. 

If you do a lot of movie watching then this is going to drive you nuts. Indeed if you are always working with a lot of dark background stuff (photography) it will likely drive you nuts. If so then investigate either the HP z30i (only supports 16.70 Mil colours) or NEC PA302W-BK (expensive)  to see if they are any better with respect to backlight issues  (both use the same LG panel as the 3014). I should point out that i never see the bleed at any other time except when the monitor is mostly dark.

I would like to know if the backlight bleed varies much from monitor to monitor.  

For me I am not a big movie watcher, but when i do it's in window mode (meme alert!).  

Gaming for me is fine (I play Quake III Threewave and WoW) i don't see a problem with fast action. You can set the monitor to 'Game' mode and it removes the ghosting. Most of the other modes prevent text ghosting when you are moving windows around, however, in multimedia mode there is definitely obvious ghosting. Gaming is epic on this monitor...colours, size and detail are fantastic. 

So overall the colours are lush and the resolution rocks! So for my needs i will keep this monitor. 

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