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RE: New U3014 Rev03 received!


Your photos....shockingly bad bleed. Fortunately my monitor isn't anywhere near as bad as that.

I have found what appears to be an annoying bug with Dell's Display Manager software:

1) Open Display Manager

2) Click on 'Options' tab

3) UNcheck PowerNap options

4) Set to game mode (under Basic tab)

5) Force windows screensaver to engage (in this case i don't use a picture, just a black screen default)

Two issues are observed on my monitor..

1) The monitor powers off after about 10 seconds despite powernap settings being unchecked. It should not power off. 

2) When I re-awake the monitor (via mouse movement) the screen brightness has been dimmed despite powernap settings being unchecked. It should not be dimmed. Also, and this is noticeable and annoying, the monitor software appears to struggle to get back to its original brightness by making many subtle 'bright' pulses in a bid to return to its original brightness setting. It does this for a while and stops, but the screen still looks dim. Certainly dimmer than before it went into screensave/poweroff mode.

I suppose i should just make a new post for this. 

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